Interview June 2002

Interview in Progressive Newsletter Nr.40
Excerpts from an interview with Fish (Vocals)

PN: 2002 is also an anniversary to celebrate regarding Marillion. Almost precisely 20 years ago the first single "Market Square Heroes" was released. Are there any kind of nostalgic thoughts in your mind about that?

Fish: No! There have been so many "anniversaries" that they become statistics more than nostalgic moments.

PN: What do you think your ex-colleagues think about the Enschede event, especially about "Night of the Jester" gig? In the past there were rumours of a "One Off" show with Marillion and Fish. Was this ever a serious topic between both Marillion and you?

Fish: No idea. It was seriously offered and seriously rejected as a joint concert about 3 years ago. No longer a topic for discussion, we are still friends and it's only the press that continue to try and create friction between us.

PN: With John Wesley you had an extraordinary guitar virtuoso on your 1999 tour. Especially the songs from the Marillion era he could interpret very closely to the original songs, with the result that the audience liked it very much. Surely one of the most talented guitarist ever to play with you. As we know it, he has left the band meanwhile. This is a loss for the pending concerts, isn't it? Did you get an appropriate substitute player?

Fish: It's not my loss. I have Robin Boult who can handle guitars just as well as Wes. In the history of my solo band fans have seen experienced musicians come and go and be replaced by musicians who more often than not have made their own mark and become themselves part of Fishy lore. I remember when Robin left in 97 and some people said he would never be replaced. I have no concerns over Robin's ability. He is not a substitute but a replacement.

PN: Do you actually stick to the song titles requested by your fans in the voting column on the fishdome website?

Fish: I will be working on them.

PN: To refer to the SAS-Band. What's the incentive for you to be part of this project?

Fish: It's fun playing material I wouldn't normally play with musicians I respect purely in the pursuit of a fun time. SAS gigs are busmen's holidays and I don't have to worry about any responsibilities apart from performing!

PN: In the past you worked with people like Tony Bank, Steve Howe and many others. With which musicians would you like to perform or record once again? Are there any plans for such collaborations?

Fish: There are many musicians I would like to work with at some point or another. Too many to mention. There are always plans to work with other people and there may be some surprises on Field of Crows.

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