Interview 1st October 2005

A question and answer feature called 'My Stuff' appears in every Saturday's 'Scotsman' magazine. The original responses below were edited for the article.

1. What brand/make/colour of mobile phone do you carry and why?
A nokia silver something because it works, no other reason, I hate gadgets

2. What is your signature scent/aftershave and why?
Chanel Allure Sport, not too overpowering and means people sit next to me on planes

3. What brand/type of underwear do you favour and why?
Brand non affiliated and preferably clean in case of traffic accident that my mum always said I should be prepared for

4. What brand/colour/material of sheets do you have on your bed and why?
White Egyptian cotton, cool and easy to see when they need changing. When they are crisp and clean they are so sexy.

5. What car do you drive, describe it?
Volvo, bluish XC, full of cigarette ash as there's no ashtray and constantly reminds me to give up smoking

6. What is your favourite Champagne and why?
None - too gassy and I get out of it far too quickly. I like to hang around at parties.

7. What is your favourite brand of coffee (or tea) and why?
Colombian - legal buzz. You also know when you've had too much when you are still watching DVDs at 4am

8. Which magazine is always on your coffee table and why?
Gardener's Monthly to remind me what mine could like and that I should get off the couch and stop drinking coffee and watching DVDs and get out there weeding

9. What do you listen to music on? Stereo or iPod? What make?
Stereo - Quad with Tannoy Gold speakers.

10. What is your most treasured piece of jewellery and why?
A small gold kukri tie pin given to me by an army friend after a gig at their barracks in Hereford

11. What brands are in your wash bag/make-up/shampoo and why?
Radox shower gel from Peru when I lost the last lot along with the Colgate and the electric toothbrush - a regular occurence on tour. No real allegiances - depends what is on the 2 for 1 at tescos

12. What is your favourite piece of furniture and where did you get it?
My bed 2m x 2m, built to order somewhere in England in 1984 when I had my first big paycheck of the band. I keep a lot of memories in it.

13. Who made your favourite bag and why do you love it?
Samsonite hard shell case. It's been a stayer and seen a lot of the world

14. What is your oldest possession and why do you still have it?
A framed Yes poster surrounded by all the ticket stubs from the gigs I went to as a teenager. It now hangs in my 14 year old daughters bedroom next to her Led Zep and Floyd posters- a fact I am very proud of. It reminds me of when rock and roll was real

15. What is your most dog-eared book and why?
The Holistic Gardener by Margaret Elphinton and Julia Langley. Still trying to get to grips with organic vegetable growing and need constant reminding of what goes in when, how to grow it, and when to dig it up. Currently living of a mountain of onions, garlic and peppers! Not mastered the cycles yet!

16. What item do you wish you had never bought and why?
My first pack of cigarettes. Been giving them up for years

17. What is your favourite nick-nack?
A 3 inch small bronze "sculpture" of "The Thinker" which sits on one of my many indoor hanging plants

18. What is your favourite labour-saving device?
My 14 year old daughter but she keeps on refusing to work most of the time even when I insert bribes in her pocket

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