Photos 2004

November 22nd - Astoria: London, England

July 31st - Fort Manoel: Valetta Bay, Malta

April 8th - Academy: Glasgow, Scotland

April 7th - Liquid Rooms: Edinburgh, Scotland

April 5th - Academy: Liverpool, England

April 3rd - The Point: Cardiff, Wales

April 1st - The Brook: Southampton, England

March 24th - Muhle Hunzigen: Rubigen, Switzerland

March 23th - Z7: Pratteln, Switzerland

March 15th - Paradiso: Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 11th - Dom Muzyki Tanca: Zabrze, Poland

March 9th - Teatr Polski: Wroclaw, Poland

March 5th - Rockefeller: Oslo, Norway

February 23rd - Le New Morning: Paris, France

February 22nd - Camden Palace: London, England

February 21st - The Empire: Belfast, N Ireland

February 20th - The Hub: Dublin, Ireland

February 15th - Central Station: Wrexham, Wales

February 14th - Library Theatre: Darwen, England
Photo credits:
Peter Payne - Maurice Zuetenhorst - Taff Jones - Pete Oram - Mo Warden - Gordon Fleming - Kevin Rimmer - Andrew Elias - Stuart James - Jean-Yves Richard - Jean-Luc Maillard - Chris Staples - Marianne Timmer - Piotr Szewczyk - Michal Kaluzny - Lars K. Lande - Mark Burton - Mike Barton - Paul Bishop - Em Whelan - Sandy Fearfull - Herman Grech (Times of Malta)
Station Tenderness - Paradiso Amsterdam 15-03-04, Tivoli Utrecht 27-02-04, 013 Tilburg 26-02-04
There are photos from Hannover (March 13th), Aschaffenburg (March 19th) and Karlsruhe (March 21st) on the Company Germany web site.
There are also photos from Warsaw and Wroclaw on the Company Poland site.
More of Jean-Yves Richard's photos from Paris.

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