Photos 2007

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December 10th - Boederij: Zoetermeer, Netherlands

November 30th - Stazione Birra: Rome, Italy

November 29th - Music Drome: Milan, Italy

November 27th - Z7: Pratteln, Switzerland

November 24th - Tollhaus: Karlsruhe, Germany

November 20th - KUZ: Mainz, Germany

November 18th - Live Music Hall: Cologne, Germany

November 17th - Colos Saal: Aschaffenburg, Germany

November 16th - Gewerkschafthaus: Erfurt, Germany

October 29th - Rock Cafe: Prague, Czechland

October 9th - Effenaar: Eindhoven, Holland

September 30th - Robin 2: Wolverhampton, England

September 27th - Shepherds Bush Empire: London, England

September 25th - Pacific Road: Birkenhead, England

September 23rd - The Point: Cardiff, Wales

September 22nd - Phoenix: Exeter, England

September 12th - Glasgow Academy: Glasgow, Scotland

September 10th - Lochgelly Centre: Lochgelly, Scotland

September 8th - The Ironworks: Inverness, Scotland

September 6th - Jam House: Queen Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

August 26th - Hobble on the Cobbles: Aylesbury

August 4th - '13th Star' launch party, Spittalrig, Haddington
Photo credits:
Pete Oram - Emma Mills - Dr Bob Davidson - Gareth 'Taff' Jones - Peter Payne - Gordie Fleming - Alan Perry - Timo Groenendaal - Hutch - Tracey Farley - Vicky Cowell - Jiri Jiroutek - Thorsten Buchen - Lukas Ritzel - Roberto Meloni - Fabio Valentini - Heike Kruger - hobeko (Bernd Koschay - web site)
December 10th - Boederij: Zoetermeer, Netherlands by Nick Askew
December 5th - Aula Magna: Lisbon, Portugal by Vasco Leiria
November 27th - Z7 in Pratteln Switzerland by Stefan Sandmeier
October - Poland by The Company Poland
Poland - "behind the scenes" by Steve Vantsis
October 18th - Warsaw by Lukasz Giersz
October 9th - Effenaar: Eindhoven by Hans Kreutzer
October 9th - Effenaar: Eindhoven by Roel Schrijvers
October 6th - Boardwalk: Sheffield by Bernard Froggatt
September 29th - Southampton by Komodo Rock
September 23rd - The Point, Cardiff by Gareth 'Taff' Jones
September 21st - St Ives by Gareth 'Taff' Jones
September 14th - Newcastle by Gordie
September 12th - Glasgow by Gordie
September 11th - Aberdeen by Doug Anderson (Rockreviews)
September 10th - Lochgelly by Gordie
September 8th - Inverness by Doug Anderson (Rockreviews)
September 8th - Inverness by Gordie
September 6th - Jam House by Gordie
August 26th - Aylesbury by Steven (moldovia)
August 26th - Aylesbury (set 2) by Gordie
August 26th - Aylesbury by Rik Barton
August 26th - Aylesbury by Alan Jones
August 26th - Aylesbury by Gordie
August 26th - Aylesbury by Craig Rowand
August 26th - Aylesbury by Stuart James
July 22nd - Loreley by Michel Caironi
July 22nd - Loreley by Markus Thiesen
July 22nd - Loreley by Claude Wacker

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