Tour history 1985

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May 26th - Nuerburgring Rock Am Ring Festival Festival: Adenau, Germany
May 27th - Festivalgelande: Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
June 1st - Messelgelande: Nurnberg, Germany
June 3rd - Salon Sibelle: Barcelona, Spain
June 5th - Sala Canciller: Madrid, Spain
June 6th - Sala Canciller: Madrid, Spain
June 8th - Pavilhoa Blenenses: Lisbon, Portugal
June 9th - Pavilhoa Sagres: Oporto, Portugal
June 11th - Palais Des Sports: Toulouse, France
June 15th - Theatre De Verdure: Nice, France
June 17th - The Rolling Stone: Milan, Italy
June 18th - Arena Puccini: Bologna, Italy
August 17th - Donnington Park ('Monsters of Rock' Festival): Donnington, England
September 4th - SFX: Dublin, Ireland
September 5th - SFX: Dublin, Ireland
September 6th - Maysfield Leisure Centre: Belfast, Northern Ireland
September 10th - The Marquee Club: London, England (UK Fan Club show)
September 29th - De Montfort Hall: Leicester, England
October 6th - Open-air Festival: Tel Aviv, Israel
October 9th - Asker Hall: Oslo, Norway
October 11th - Eirksdalshallen: Stockholm, Sweden
October 12th - Frolundaborg Isshall: Gothenburg, Sweden
October 13th - Falkoner Theatre: Copenhagen, Denmark
October 15th - Muzikcentrum: Utrecht, Netherlands
October 16th - Muzikcentrum: Utrecht, Netherlands
October 19th - Hall-18 Beaulieu: Lausanne, Switzerland
October 20th - Eulachhalle: Winterthur, Switzerland
October 22nd - Teatro Tenda 7Up: Rome, Italy
October 23rd - Palasport: Scandicci, Firenze, Italy
October 24th - Rolling Stone (Teatro Tenda): Milan, Italy
October 26th - Maison Des Sports: Clermont Ferrand, France
October 27th - Gymnase du Port Marchand: Toulon, France
October 29th - Bourse Du Travail: Lyon, France
October 30th - Hall Tivoli: Strasbourg, France
October 31st - Parc des Expositions: Nancy, France
November 1st - Vorst Nationaal: Brussels, Belgium
November 4th - Biskuithalle: Bonn, Germany
November 5th - Eissporthalle: Frankfurt, Germany
November 7th - Expo 7 - Rouen, France
November 8th - Le Zenith: Paris, France
November 9th - Parc des Expositions: Mulhouse, France
November 11th - Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle: Stuttgart, Germany
November 12th - Gartenhalle: Karlsruhe, Germany
November 13th - Friederich-Ebert-Halle: Ludwigshafen, Germany
November 14th - Airkus Krona (Sedelmayerhalle): Munich, Germany
November 16th - Philipshalle: Dusseldorf, Germany
November 17th - Audi Max: Hamburg, Germany
November 18th - Eissporthalle: Berlin, Germany
November 19th - Stadthalle 2 - Bremen, Germany
November 21st - Stadthalle: Osnabruck, Germany
November 22nd - Stadthalle: Kassal, Germany
November 23rd - Stadionsporthalle: Hannover, Germany
November 25th - Eurogress: Aachen, Germany
November 26th - Sporthalle: Volklingen, Germany
November 27th - Rheingoldhalle: Mainze, Germany
November 28th - Stadhalle: Furth, Germany
December 3rd - Kosei Nenkin Hall: Osaka, Japan
December 4th - Unryo Hall: Nagoya, Japan
December 5th - Unryo Hall: Nagoya, Japan
December 6th - Nihon Seinen-Kan: Tokyo, Japan
December 7th - Nihon Seinen-Kan: Tokyo, Japan
December 10th - The Marquee Club: London, England
December 13th - Brixton Academy Theatre: London, England
December 14th - Cornwall Colliseum: St. Austell, England
December 15th - Conference Centre: Brighton, England
December 17th - Scottish Exhibition Centre: Glasgow, Scotland
December 17th - Opera House: Blackpool, England
December 19th - National Exhibition Centre: Birmingham, England
December 20th - Gaumont: Southampton, England
69 gigs

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