Tour history 1994

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April 5th - HMV: Glasgow, Scotland
April 5th - HMV: East Kilbride, Scotland
April 6th - HMV: Newcastle, England
April 6th - HMV: Middlesborough, England
April 7th - HMV: Manchester, England
April 7th - HMV: Liverpool, England
April 8th - HMV: Birmingham, England
April 8th - HMV: Northampton, England
April 11th - HMV: Cardiff, Wales
April 11th - HMV: Bristol, England
April 12th - HMV: Swindon, England
April 12th - HMV: Reading, England
April 13th - HMV: Aylesbury, England
April 14th - HMV: Oxford St., London, England
May 13th - Uncle Sam's: Banff, Scotland
May 17th - Hala Wisly: Krakow, Poland
May 24th - Sax Club: Cumbernauld, Scotland
May 25th - Newcastle Riverside: Newcastle, England
May 26th - Town Hall Crypt: Middlesbrough, England
May 28th - Corn Exchange: Haddington, Scotland
June 4th - Open Flair: Eschwege, Germany
June 10th - Euro Disney: Paris, France
June 16th - The Garage: Glasgow, Scotland
June 17th - Lomax: Liverpool, England
June 18th - Nortwick: Worcester, England
June 20th - Irish Centre: Leeds, England
June 21st - Waterfront: Norwich, England
June 22nd - Roadmenders: Northampton, England
June 23rd - Middlehall University: Manchester, England
June 25th - Festival Rheinkultur: Bonn, Germany
June 27th - TJ's: Newport, Wales
June 28th - Wulfrun Hall: Wolverhampton, England
June 29th - Mean Fiddler: London, England
August 6th - Festival: Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland
August 26th - Waverley Centre: Edinburgh, Scotland
August 27th - Grand Hall: Kilmarnock, Scotland
September 1st - Oosterpoort: Groningen, Netherlands
September 2nd - Feesttent: Huijbergen, Netherlands
September 3rd - Centrum: Oslo, Norway
September 13th - Zalen Schaaf: Leeuwarden, Netherlands
September 14th - Tivoli: Utrecht, Netherlands
September 15th - Nighttown: Rotterdam, Netherlands
September 17th - Vrijhof TU Twente: Enschede, Netherlands
September 18th - Hanehof: Geleen, Netherlands
September 19th - Paradiso: Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 22nd - Docks: Hamburg, Germany
September 23rd - Halle Gartlage: Osnabruck, Germany
September 24th - Neue Welt: Berlin, Germany
September 26th - Music Hall: Hannover, Germany
September 27th - Biscuithalle: Bonn, Germany
September 28th - Forum: Ludwigsburg, Germany
September 29th - Hugenottenhalle: Neulsenburg, Germany
October 1st - Capitol: Mannheim, Germany
October 2nd - Arts und Craft: Ulm, Germany
October 3rd - Resi: Nuremberg, Germany
October 5th - Terminal 1: Munich, Germany
October 6th - Stadthalle: Betzdorf, Germany
October 8th - Dom Muzyki i Tanca: Zabrze, Poland
October 9th - Stodola: Warszawa, Poland
October 10th - Sportovni hala Tatran: Ostrava, Czechland
December 3rd - Helenensaal Brauhaus: Sinzig, Germany
December 4th - Billy Blues: Heidelberg, Germany
December 6th - Old Daddy Club: Haltern, Germany
December 7th - Schloss Borbeck: Essen, Germany
December 8th - Muziekcentrum Vredenburg: Utrecht, Netherlands
December 9th - Gertrud Boumer Halle: Duisburg, Germany
December 12th - The Flog: Florence, Italy
December 13th - Palladium: Rome, Italy
December 14th - Factory: Milan, Italy
December 16th - Electric Ballroom: Zurich, Switzerland
December 18th - Le Plan: Ris Orangis, France
December 19th - Hot Brass: Paris, France
December 20th - Nijdrop: Opwijk, Belgium
December 22nd - Boardwalk: Manchester, England
December 27th - Lomax: Liverpool, England
December 28th - Mean Fiddler: London, England
December 29th - The Martell Nightclub: Falkirk, Scotland
December 30th - The Garage: Glasgow, Scotland
77 gigs

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