Tour history 1995

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May 7th - Usher Hall: Edinburgh, Scotland
May 13th - Hulen: Bergen, Norway
May 14th - Rockefeller: Oslo, Norway
May 19th - Sparks Nightclub: Singapore
May 22nd - Hard Rock Cafe: Hong Kong
May 27th - Charity Festival, Croix de Gasperich: Gasperich, Luxembourg
May 30th - Acikhava Tiyatrosu (Harbiye Open Air Theatre): Istanbul, Turkey
June 6th - Le Cirque: Reims, France
June 7th - Rock + Roll Circus: Rouen, France
June 9th - Le Summum: Grenoble, France
June 10th - Le Transbordeur: Lyon, France
June 12th - Ancienne Laiterie: Strasbourg, France
June 14th - Salle Georges Brassens: Caen, France
June 15th - Le Chat Blue: Bordeaux, France
June 16th - Victoire: Montpellier, France
June 17th - Le Bikini: Toulouse, France
June 18th - Rock Gegen Hass: Zurich, Switzerland
June 19th - Espace Julien: Marseille, France
August 11th - Wollarton Park: Nottingham, England
September 2nd - Princes St Gardens: Edinburgh, Scotland
September 7th - Royal Court Theatre: Liverpool, England
September 8th - Wulfrun Hall: Wolverhampton, England
September 9th - Willesdon Empire: London, England
September 12th - Biepop: Vosselaar, Belgium
September 14th - Oosterpoort: Groningen, Netherlands
September 15th - Tobaksfabrikken: Esbjerg, Denmark
September 16th - Alexandra Rockteater: Copenhagen, Denmark
September 18th - KB: Malmo, Sweden
September 19th - Rytemeposten: Odense, Denmark
September 21st - Rockefeller: Oslo, Norway
September 22nd - Maxime Club: Bergen, Norway
September 25th - FM Stadion: Gothenburg, Sweden
September 26th - Studion: Stockholm, Sweden
September 29th - Tavastia Club: Helsinki, Finland
September 30th - Club Piraat: Tallinn, Estonia
October 1st - University Sport Hall: Tartu, Estonia
October 4th - Stodola: Warsaw, Poland
October 6th - Arena: Poznan, Poland
October 7th - Dom Muzyka i Tanca: Zabrze, Poland
October 8th - WWF: Wroclaw, Breslau, Poland
October 10th - Hall Tatran: Ostrava, Czech Republic
October 11th - Studio Leg (Polish TV studio): Krakow, Poland
October 12th - KD Eden: Prague, Czechland
October 14th - Bucklein Theatre: Krakow, Poland
October 16th - Metropol: Vienna, Austria
October 18th - Stadthalle: Babenhausen, Germany
October 19th - Forum im Zelt: Gelsenkirchen, Germany
October 20th - Stadhalle: Bremerhaven, Germany
October 22nd - Longhorn: Stuttgart, Germany
October 23rd - Easy Schorre: Halle, Germany
October 25th - Charterhalle: Munchen, Germany
October 26th - Alte Feuerwache: Mannheim, Germany
October 27th - Lowensaal: Nurnberg, Germany
October 29th - PC69: Bielefeld, Germany
October 30th - Grosse Freiheit: Hamburg, Germany
October 31st - Stadhalle: Cloppenburg, Germany
November 2nd - Capitol: Hannover, Germany
November 3rd - Pumpe: Kiel, Germany
November 5th - Theater am Rudolfplatz: Koln, Germany
November 6th - Metropol: Berlin, Germany
November 7th - Hall WWF: Bresslau, Poland
November 10th - Electric Ballroom: Zurich, Switzerland
November 11th - Unknown venue: Milan, Italy
November 12th - Schüür Club: ("Fish Head Curry"): Lucerne, Switzerland
November 14th - Muhle Hunziken: Rubigen, Switzerland
November 15th - Terminal Export: Nancy, France
November 16th - L'anser: Dijon, France
November 17th - Centre sportif: Bettenburg, Luxemburg
November 19th - La Chapelle: Luttich (Liege), Belgium
November 20th - New Morning: Paris, France
December 5th - The Martell Club: Falkirk, Scotland
December 6th - Rothes Hall: Glenrothes, Scotland
December 7th - The Lemon Tree: Aberdeen, Scotland
December 8th - The Club: Dingwall, Scotland
December 10th - The Garage: Glasgow, Scotland
December 11th - Riverside: Newcastle, England
December 12th - The Junction: Cambridge, England
December 13th - The Clapham Grand: London, England
December 15th - The Empire: Belfast, Ireland
December 16th - Olympia: Dublin, Ireland
80 gigs

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