Tour history 2002

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May 20th - RASS festival: Padderborn, Germany
May 25th - Feast of Hope: Geneva, Switzerland
June 24th - The Cavern: Liverpool, England
June 25th - The Cavern: Liverpool, England
June 28th - Muziekcentrum: Enschede, Holland. European convention
June 29th - Muziekcentrum: Enschede, Holland. European convention
July 12th - Bospop: Holland
July 19th - (with SAS band) New Orleans, USA: private party for Microsoft
August 16th - (With SAS Band) Wernesgruner Brauereihof, Germany
August 17th - (With SAS Band) Kunzelsauer, Germany
August 18th - (With SAS Band) Konig-Pilsener-Arena, Oberhausen, Germany
August 23rd - Canterbury 2002 festival, Faversham, Kent, England
August 31st - (With SAS Band) Stadion Hamburger, Braunschweig, Germany
September 3rd - Driv, Tromsø, Norway
September 6th - Blæast, Trondheim, Norway
September 8th - Ricks, Bergen, Norway
September 10th - Folken, Stavanger, Norway
September 12th - Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway
December 4th/5th - (with SAS band) Southampton Brook
December 6th/7th/8th - (with SAS band) Chiddingfold
23 gigs

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